Sci-fi horror movie with a witch??

So all I saw was a clip on this movie, made between 2012-2016 possibly. There are three or four guys sitting at a table eating and the main guy looks up and sees that the other guys are turning into these monsters. So they guys is like wtf and hides under the table and then now the monster things are trying to kill him. One of the monsters has his head knocked off and is still alive trying to look for him. Meanwhile there are these tiny little flying monsters flying around also attacking the guy and he’s swatting those away while dodging the attacks of his once friends. The main guy sees the door and tries to make a run for it. I forget what happens in the next couple seconds after but there is an old hag witch in the background laughing and she starts turning young and beautiful. Then this weird hole opens up in the room and it’s this weird like demon tunnel or something and something in coming out of it towards that guy. Then I remember the scene panning out and he’s in a house in the sky being held up by vines……

i really hope I didn’t just dream this.

The movie is a short one word title and I think it’s the name of the main character.

I don’t know if it’s foreign either but omg I just really want to watch it.


send help please.

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