Sci-Fi Film where blood turns to red sand

I am dying to find out more about a movie I remember seeing on TV in the 1970s. (and the film was probably from the 60s even.)

English speaking, colour film and almost certainly American made.

People are being killed by a virus (maybe) that crystallises their blood turing it into red sand. I don’t remember if the people themselves become piles of sand I might have filled that gap in myself.

Ultimately our Scientist hero saves the day when he observes that a terrified chimpanzee is unaffected when exposed and theorises that adrenaline is what is needed to save the day.

I hope I’ve remembered enough correctly for someone to tell me what this movie is. It was a long time ago and I only ever saw it once on TV.



3 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Film where blood turns to red sand

  1. Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. I finally found a copy of Andromeda Strain and I must say after a quick scrub through the film that it’s got most of what i was asking for.

    Blood definitely turns into red sand/powder in the victims. They find an upset baby alive rather than a chimp and there is testing on monkeys and such. I think there’s a good chance this is the film I saw. I’ll have to actually watch it all the way through to be certain.

    If it turns out to be the one I saw then it is amazing how much my brain changed the memory over the years. Bravo to you for figuring it out.

    Many thanks,


    1. As you say, The Andromeda Strain has a lot of elements in common with the movie you remember. It is certainly a movie worth revisiting. Keep us posted, please!

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