Scene where a guy is hunting a creature/monster in a tunnel

Sorry for the vague title my memories of the movie itself are very vague too.

What I remember exactly about the movie is there is a scene where the main character is hunting a monster/creature through some tunnels and there is blood on the floor of the tunnel. The lighting in the tunnels wasn’t dark but more like orange.

All the other memories I have I’m not 100% sure and there is a chance I might be remembering them incorrectly. I think the movie had a kind of post-apocalyptic setting maybe after a nuclear war or disease because there weren’t a lot of the characters in the movie. There might have been some text at the beginning explaining the setting for the movie. One other scene I remember is around the end where the monster comes out of a cocoon and fights the main character with also a female character. The lighting for this was scene was kind of bluish.

I’m not sure of the exact time but I remember seeing the movie on TV in Korea around the mid 2000’s. I’m pretty sure it was in English and it was in color and I don’t remember any of the actors/actresses. Sorry again for the vague descriptions and thanks for reading.

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    1. Man looking at the synopsis it actually really fit what I remember but from jumping through the movie I don’t think its the movie. The tunnel I remember was a lot narrower where the main character was crawling instead of walking and I don’t remember water in it too. Thanks though man.

  1. “Creepozoids” (1987)?

    There’s a scrawl at the beginning explaining the post apocalyptic setting, lots of crawling through tunnels and a mutant baby coming out of a cocoon near the end. The full movie is on YouTube.

    1. After skipping through it I just realized how generic my descriptions are. There seems to be a lot of movies that fit them. Sadly I don’t think its this movie either because the monster in the movie was definitely not a baby. Also in the scene I remember, the blood on the tunnel was a lot more red. Though the tunnel in this movie seems more closer to what I remember than the ones in Split Second. And also the guy I remember seemed to be alone or at least not with that many people.
      Thanks also.

    2. I couldn’t find it the first time but a few days ago I decided to search for the movie again and looking for movies similar to Split Second I found the movie I was looking for.

      It was “Adrenalin: Fear the Rush” (1996)

      Thanks Livinghead for the suggestion. I don’t think I would have been able to find it without your lead. After watching the movie though, I realized that I remembered the ending wrong and there was no cocoon.

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