Scene similar to movie “The Golden Child” but NOT The Golden Child

So this is a bit of an older movie I believe, I saw it was I was a kid, so it could’ve been from the 80’s up to the early 2000’s, a bit of a wide gap I know, Im sorry. It was in english and in color. Now, I wanna say the actor was Jackie Chan, but honestly with all the searching I’ve done Im not so sure anymore. Anyways, what I remember of the scene is that the character has to do this trial. He has to go through this cave while holding a glass full of water without losing any of it, (sounds exactly like the golden child I know). Now one of the differences I believe this scene has from the one in the golden child, is that the platforms the character has to cross are just kinda floating, flat spire surfaces, unlike the golden child which were supported. The other difference, is that the cave had a small tremor, (or maybe he slipped, Im not sure.) But either way, in this movie he actually DID spill like a drop of the water, but he did this like crazy flip or something and caught the drop of water he spilled in the glass before it fell into the bottomless pit he was standing over. That much I know didn’t happen in the golden child as I’ve watched it a few times to confirm it. So if anyone has any idea what movie I may be I would greatly appreciate it as I’ve been looking for years and have had no luck. Oh, and a side note, it’s not the movie “The Medallion” either.

2 thoughts on “Scene similar to movie “The Golden Child” but NOT The Golden Child

  1. no that wasn’t it. they were interesting movies though (i watched both just to be safe). but as i said it may not have even been jackie chan and i could be remembering that wrong, but the cave scene itself i do remember

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