Scary Thriller i need a name for

I’m trying to discover the name of a film I saw on TV in B&W I think early 70s. (May have just been a B&W TV!). The plot involves a youngish couple. Probably set in the 50s or 60s. I think the wife seduces a visiting grocer boy. I remember the scene being set in their kitchen. I think the husband is creating a deception whereby the wife thinks they’ve both subsequently killed the boy. The wife slowly goes mad as she tries to conceal the crime by hiding “the body”.

In one scene the body is wrapped in a sheet and hidden on a dumb waiter which slowly and inexorably falls from upstairs where it’s hastily been hidden into view behind guests seated at a table.

In another (bizzare) scene the body is concealed in a full plastercast but put in an armchair in the kitchen diner. A visiting dog sniffs at the body in front of guests almost again giving the game away and adding to the wife’s anxiety.

The only other part of a scene I can recall is towards the climax of the film when blood starts pouring out of the bathroom taps! (Yes I know!) This is all engineered to drive the wife mad and if I recall correctly she is eventually driven to actually kill the grocer boy in the confusion and is imprisoned (I think so the husband can get rid of her). Anyway words to that effect.

I would be so grateful if someone out there can help. I haven’t even git close over the past 20 years! Thanks in advance

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    1. Thank you sooo much Livinghead. THAT IS IT! I was beginning to think it was a figment of my imagination. Can’t believe I didn’t realise it was James Caan, Katherine Ross and Simone Signoret. I reckon it’s between 40 and 50 years since i first caught this and had never seen it since. My memory has distorted it a little but can’t wait to enjoy it again.
      Very much obliged, you’re a legend. Thank you.

      1. Omg I’ve been trying to find this movie also, I could only remember the sheet of blood in the dumbwaiter, thank you so much , I thought I was crazy too I could not remember it

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