Scary movie// Woman hiding/trapped inside air vent?

I don’t remember much about this movie since i saw it when i was a kid, early 2000’s. Every time i try explaining it to somebody or googling it no results come back so hopefully i have luck here. From what i can remember it was a movie with short stories, one part there was a woman stuck / hiding inside an air vent from a monster/creature, i remember the closer they got to the woman the more she cried. Another part i remember was a guy hiding inside a barrel from a monster. That’s all i can remember tbh. I know when it would skip to the next story it would transition like a comic book theme??

One thought on “Scary movie// Woman hiding/trapped inside air vent?

  1. Could that be Tales From the Crypt? I kind of remember those scenes, but I don’t remember if they’re from the TV show or the movie.

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