Scary movie with ghost child

Hello. I’m looking for a horror movie I saw about a decade ago on TV. It is in English and in colour. It is about a woman and a boy who I believe is her son. The boy died, in an accident I think, but it was somehow creepy or unusual. In one scene, the woman and a man are speaking in the house when a picture of the child is seen on the wall. When the woman sees it she is scared and claims she didn’t put it there. The man clearly doesn’t believe her and comments that it’s a nice picture before leaving. In another scene, she has a nightmare. In the nightmare she is approached by a creepy ghost child with completely white skin and black eyes or eyebags. He leads her outside of the house to the green yard where she sees the boy over the fence yelling for help. She panicks but the white ghost child tells her he isn’t really there but he’s close “at the edge” or something, whatever that means. In a third scene, she enters a room with white walls except the entire walls have messages scribbled on them with crayons. The messages read words like “evil” and not wanting to go to some forest, I think. While she reads the messages, I think a montage of a child’s voice reading them is heard. Creeped out, she starts crossing the messages over one by one. Suddenly, behind her, a crayon floats in mid air and scribbles on the wall. She is startled by the sound and turns around quickly towards that wall. That’s sadly all I remember, and there might be mistakes or holes in the details. I think the child had a brown pageboy haircut, if that matters.

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  1. Thank you for commenting.
    Unfortunately you’re right, it’s neither of those. But it’s important to note that my movie wasn’t as surreal, more like a haunting type movie. Plus it appeared to be much newer.

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