Scary movie title request

This is possibly and English film. I believe it is from the 60s or 70s. I believe it is about a coven of witches. It envolves a couple ( she is brunette I believe, and the husband is sandy blonde). I recall that the wife ends up joining the coven and the husband at the very end gets his tongue cut out ( he lives). The last seen is him sitting in a rocking chair looking out a bay window. It isn’t Burnt Offerings.

5 thoughts on “Scary movie title request

    1. Thanks for the photo “Cotopaxi”. While searching for this movie, the movie you suggested looked like a strong possibility. I was unable to find any pics for it to check out the cast. Yours was the first I’ve seen. The man does not look the way I remember, however I am going to try to find it to watch to make sure.

  1. This probably isn’t right, but I’ll throw out “Crowhaven Farm.” I haven’t’ seen it for many, many years, so perhaps I’m mixing up some plot points, but I think the husband in that one has his mouth sewn shut. There is also a scene where a man is being pressed to death, and I thought it was the same man, but I don’t recall clearly. I hope you find it.

    1. Not sure if that is it either HBLibrarian, but that is a fresh suggestion and I am going to check it out today. Thanks, and I will let you know.

  2. I just looked Crowhaven Farm up on IMDB. Doesn’t look like the movie, although the description sure sounds right. Either way, I want to watch Crowhaven Farm now!

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