Scary movie set in Louisiana, 70’s or 80’s

I saw it on TV during the 70’s or 80’s. It was in English, and in color. I don’t remember the actors or much about the plot. It was a scary movie set in Louisiana. There was a killer, and an old house with a barn behind it. The killer murdered somebody (perhaps a cop) in the barn using a pitchfork. This has been bugging me for years. Thanks for your help!

4 thoughts on “Scary movie set in Louisiana, 70’s or 80’s

    1. Wow! I can’t believe you came up with that so easily. I just watched The Evictors, and I’m 80% sure that’s the movie. I think I got the scene in the barn conflated with the barn scene, involving a pitchfork, in The Others (1972). Thanks so much for your help! This has been on the edge of my mind for about 35 years!

  1. Thank you Obi-Wan and admin, I guess I saw this right after you posted and thought of The Evictors right away. I think it was the description of the house and barn.

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