saw this in early 2000s involves alien boy and a psychiatrist

the movie was about a boy who had some kind of psychic powers but didnt know it or hes an  alien. what happens is he and his mom go into this one diner when he was little and shes telling him something like his dads in a spaceship and coming to get them. well something happens and he grabs her necklace and burns everyone thats touching anything metal. well then they are hunted down and his mother is killed and the boy is adopted by the man that killed her. well years later hes in school and has social problems, a new psychiatrist or psychologist helps him out and she soon finds out that there is some kind of conspiracy with the townspeople. well the boy is wishing he could find his dad and unknowingly creates an alien that starts killing the people who were in the diner. she figures out its him doing it and they stop it. thats all i can remember. i think i saw it on the lifetime movie network  at night im still not sure if it was on it or not but this is all i can remember. please help if you can sorry if its very vague.

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