saved by the geek

In the future all people are connected and get every knowledge and information they need from a central computer, a network.

All but one, who cannot accept the transplant chip and has to learn everything the hard, traditional way, reading.

One day the computer is destroyed and he is the only one to teach everybody everything.

2 thoughts on “saved by the geek

    1. IMDb synopsis:
      “In a future world, nearly all humans have an embedded neural connection to a massive computer system known as the Stream. One exception to that is Ryan Unger who cannot be connected to the net because of a childhood accident that damaged his neurological system. By the standards of the time, Ryan is an imbecile relying on reading books for information while the majority simply having to think it. When a virus starts to kill some of them however, it’s Ryan who concludes that it is coming from the Stream itself and all attempts to stop it will be unsuccessful. Only Ryan can save them – both now and in the future.”

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