Satanists chase a Winebago

70s or early 80s movie of a a couple on a cross country trip(?) in a camper. At some point they end up being chased by a bunch of your standard 1970s satanists (what was it about the 70s and the obsession with satanists as the monsters/villains). Can’t remember details. Feels like it ends in typical, surreal, horror ‘not so good for the normal folks’ style…where you don’t see them die…but you know. Also…feels like it had that horrible dark filter over the lens to mimic nighttime quality.

4 thoughts on “Satanists chase a Winebago

  1. Ding! That was fast! Then again I suppose Googling ‘Winebago’ and ‘satanists’ would have done the trick…and also gotten me on a list somewhere. Thanks! Solved!

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