Romcom, meets family to discover used to date fiance’s sibling

Hi, I’m trying to remember the name of a rom-com where someone is taken to meet their fiance/fiancee’s family and finds their ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend is in that family. I can’t search for it easily because i can’t quite remember if it was a woman meeting boyfriend’s family or guy meeting his girlfriend’s family. either way it’s driving me crazy. This might have also had a really good acoustic guitar track too, which is mainly what I am trying to refind. I remember seeing a making of extra on a dvd where the producer said they hired out a big american house and had the composer (a female guitarist) on set the whole time to create the soundtrack and I think it had the above plot.


More details on the movie: saw it a few years ago so i’m guessing 90’s early 00’s and it was American (doesn’t help much, i know). Please help me figure either the name of the movie with this plot or the one with that soundtrack. Hopefully they are both the same!

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    1. Yeah not exactly as I had tried to remember it of course. The plot is he’s in love with his brother’s girlfriend and the guitarist on the soundtrack is a guy – Sondre Lerche, which is really cool but you know, I have my answer so no worries!

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