Romcom about a quirky? female writer with happy ending?

I remember watching this film at college last year half drunk. The lead was some average looking woman- not hollywood slim- just normalish body size- kinda funny. She lives in some kind of island or small town- some place thats in the middle of nowhere or something. She’s a writer but only ever written one thing and I think its like a tourist guide/pamphlet for her town. Some (british?) guy is for some reason like visiting the place, and there’s the cliche kindof typical movie comedic turned romantic story arch that ends with “oh no, they didn’t end up together” and then it’s like “jk, she finally gets him”. There’s something involved with her hiding in the toilets and making weird noises I think when some bad characters are trying to find her. My memory is very fuzzy Not sure if it was american or british or… can’t remember if the lead guy she ends up with (at least if I remember how the movie ended) was good-looking or not… I think he was half-decent. Probably. I usually remember these kinds of things..

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