Romantic Comedy with a scene about cost vs worth

I am trying to remember the title of a film about a woman who meets a handsome guy in the city when she was in a line and wanted to buy some food or drink and she didnt have enough cash on her but a credit card or something, then a guy behind her pays for her because he says although the item costs less if he waited and paid just for him self it wasnt worth it because its worth the money to get the item sooner by paying for her’s too. I want to teach my Chinese friends in China about why white people are not as cheap as they are (because they are more trifty). The scene from teh movie would help illustrate the pont.

6 thoughts on “Romantic Comedy with a scene about cost vs worth

  1. I forgot to also say (in case this helps jog your memory), later on the same guy hires her to help him to corner a CEO publicly and embarass him by using her as a proxy to loudly in front of a live TV stock holder meeting audience to ask him sensitive questions and expose some secrets about him awarding him self bonuses that he didnt deserve.

    1. I really dont think so, the guy felt annoyed by the woman that he just met, and this John Cussack character seems head over heels over her. Is there a scene in this movie when he uses her to confront a CEO publicly by posing as a journalist?

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