Revenge by Husband for murdered wife by drug dealer criminal

I have very vivid memories of this film. It was being aired during night hours and sadly I felt asleep while the story was getting interesting.  And, I have searching in vain for last one year.

Here is the part, which I still remember:

. There was a loving couple in their fifties perhaps with a  young adult daughter living separately.

. The wife was killed by a criminal having tattoo on nape of his neck.

. Husband goes to police station for TIP.

. There, he identifies the criminal based on that tattoo.

. But, still police leaves the criminal free.

.Daughter meets father in a restaurant and requests him to come to her place.

.Now, husband goes to his friend in a barber shop.

.Where, it is revealed that both are ex-agents type of person living in peaceful retirement.

. They dig out their weapons from hiding places.

. They go looking for criminal in local places.

. Shooting starts.

Please help me to find out the name.

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