Red Apple

Hey there!

I’m looking for a movie in which I have seen one scene 25 years ago 🙂 It was shot in the 90’s (as I barely remember) and the scene goes like this: A woman (maybe short haired blonde-not sure) eats an apple (red or green) tiotally indifferently and there’s a man lifting her (red) pullover or sweater revealing her alabaster white tit(s).

Then there’s another memory (not sure) if from the same movie: A man using a knife “cutting the skin under or above the breasts leaving the bloody scar, but in fact it is only leaving the red ink, the knife is like a pen or something, but it looks very real like a real scar and cut…dunno some strange psycho movie 😀

Any help will be very appreciated 🙂

TY 🙂


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