recent move about navy seal type action

There was a recent movie (last 3 – 10 years or so).  It was a typical navy seal / special forces type action movie.  It started with a a couple of american guys meeting the bad guys at a an empty soccer stadium to do some kind of shady deal.   One of the guys stays in the car and the other goes into the stadium, where he is promptly killed.  The guy in the car escapes….

Anyone remember this?

2 thoughts on “recent move about navy seal type action

  1. I think that was from “The Interpreter”(2005)

    ‘ Upon their arrival at the stadium, they discover that the informants are schoolboys, who point Ajene and Simon in the direction of corpses left by Zuwanie’s security apparatus, while Philippe stays in the car.

    Shouting lures Ajene and Simon back to the field, where they are promptly executed by the boys, who are revealed to be willing accomplices of Zuwanie’s secret police. Upon hearing the gunshots, Philippe clambers out of the car and hides, taking pictures of a car arriving carrying Matoban officials, and then escapes the vicinity.’

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