Really weird movie about a movie

Okay, please bear with me as this might be a bit weird. But I do need confirmation that this movie exists and I didn’t go crazy in my teens.


Back in the early ’00s I woke up early before school around six in the morning. This movie was on either HBO or Cinemax only around the pre-dawn time slot, for good reason. Now, here comes the crazy. What I remember is:

This movie was a raunchy comedy-esque/oddity/porn(?) it feels

The movie was about a crew filming as movie

Two lead actors were filming a sex scene, but ended up having sex on the spot in front of the crew.

There was a transgender(?) male who had a bunch of jars with parts of his mutilated but living father in it, including his father’s penis.

A woman counter-raped said male and ran in disgust.

And a woman with large breasts had them shot off with a shotgun.


Weird, huh? I haven’t been able to find any proof that this film exists online because I’ve forgotten the name, and I can’t find anyone who knows what I’m talking about. Now I know this movie exists as it was on either of those channels for a good run of almost a year. But if it was one of those after hour/Skinemax films then…. I’m scared.


But please, if you have an inkling of what I’m talking about please help me prove that this movie is real. Thank you.

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