Ransom turned Romance

Years and years ago, I watched this cute little low-budget romance-comedy-type movie. Basically, there’s this guy who is in serious need of some money. In my recollection, he has dark hair and eyes and has a medium, wirey build. He decides to kidnap the wife of a very wealthy man and demand a ransom for her safe return. He brings the woman to this little cabin or shack or something in like the middle of nowhere. As the movie plays out, the man and the woman become friends and she no longer needs to stay tied up inside the cabin. She starts making little touches here and there like fresh flowers and she tidies up the place. Her rich husband, as it turns out, had a mistress and decides that he will not pay the ransom and is actually thankful that someone took care of getting rid of his wife. The man and the woman fall in love and actually start their own family. The whole movie is told from the point of view of their daughter, like a “how my dad met my mom” type thing.

***There’s a super similar movie starring Jennifer Aniston called “Life of Crime,” but THEY’RE NOT THE SAME MOVIE.***

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