Random romantic movie

Okay so I remember basically the whole plot and what the characters look like but I can’t find it no matter where I go. It definitely a romantic movie and I remember watching it in 2015 around the time I was watching a bunch of romances like love rosie and movies around that time.

The movie starts off with this chubby guy with a beard and he gets in his car and is about to drive off and this girl that’s arguing with her bf at the time gets in this dudes car. The guy drives off and they go back to his place. I dont know how long into the movie it takes but they develop feelings and they have sex like a relationship but she come and goes because she gets drugs and they guy is trying to get her have a Job and I dont remember what happens to that but I do remember he follows the girl to the ex that she was yelling at place and he’s like a drug guy and he attempts to take her away form him and gives the guy money or something I think. And then one day she just leaves I think and then the last scene is she finds him on the beach and then I think she says let’s go home or something like that. But thought out the whole movie they argue but theres alot of development and growth and I love it. Please help

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