Psychological Thriller with Unclear Ending

I don’t recall much of anything about this movie besides the ending. I watched it on VHS tape in the early 90s at a friend’s house. It is an American movie and in color. I used to think it was a David Lynch film, as we were watching a lot of his other stuff at the time, but after reviewing many of his other titles, it doesn’t seem that it is – although the movie has a similar feel of being filled with disturbing scenes and people.

The setting is in an American suburb, I think in the Southwest. The home where much of the movie takes place has a pool in the back yard. The main character is some sort of mentally disturbed weirdo loser. Mainly what I remember at the end is someone (the main character?) packing a suitcase and smiling happily while their mom is angrily calling them from the next room. But at the same time you see a fresh bloodstain slowly growing on the ceiling overhead, suggesting the mom may have been murdered. It isn’t clear which is the hallucination, the voice calling or the growing bloodstain because the movie ends there.

4 thoughts on “Psychological Thriller with Unclear Ending

  1. Plot doesn’t quite fit, but it reminds me of Nic Roeg’s Track 29, with Christopher Lloyd, Gary Oldman and Theresa Russell. Bloodstained ceiling and calling from next room with suitcase packing at end.

    1. ….no omg I think you’re right. I remember the name now that you say it. There were a lot of trains in the movie too. It was just a super weird movie and a long time ago and the bit I really remember was that end scene with the blood on the ceiling and the sense that you never knew what was real. And the trains. Thanks!

  2. Wow, you are correct jennagain. I missed this. Thanks for bringing it up! Sorry grover, you’ve now been credited for solving this one.

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