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Hi, I’m here because I remember a movie I watched last year (on german tv, german language, color):

It started off by some soldiers having to conquer a research lab (they lost control over their tests in there) in the australian outback. One soldier (protagonist) has lost his wife years ago (she drowned), but he comes to think that one of the test subjects is his wife. the test subjects are able to mind control others and make the soldiers and scientist kill themselves or each other. Later on, one scientist explains the test subjects are clones from the dna they found in the spot lucifer crashed on earth.

a special fighting unit arives to kill everyone in the lab (also the soldiers) until some bomb drops. the protagonist fights his way to the exit and is being confronted by others about the test subject not being his wife, he dies confused when right in front of the exit he gets shoot.

“his wife” gets shoot too, but since she’s satan’s clone she doesn’t give a fuck. after the bomb drops you see her stand up with her eyes completely black, since she turned even more evil or something.

I tried to find that movie with google but search terms like “australia horror gore mind control clone satan movie” lead me to illuminati conspiracy theories.

I’d be really, really happy if someone can help me!

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    1. I definitely watched that movie and some aspects i described are from that movie. Thx, but however i’m afraid that i got confused and mixed 2 movies (they were broadcasted within one week), since I’m missing the parts like the ending as described above and the cloned lucifers. I think that women also had black hair and the special unit (that has to clear before the bomb drops) wear some weird black helmets with 2 tubes for oxygen, i guess.
      I know this makes it hard to clearly know which parts are included and which not, but i’d be really gratefull if someone can help.
      at least thanks a lot, cozmoz, for finding one of the movies πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks goes to myself (of course also to cozmoz): I found the other movie i mixed Crawlspace (2012) with. its The Dark Lurking from 2008. Seems like i forgot most of that movie and replaced parts with crawlspace since The Dark Lurking is one of the worst films i’ve ever watched ( <= recommendation, it's worth watching it πŸ˜€ )
        i guess that's it, topic is closed.

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