Pretty recent terrible movie that I want to show people

I saw this recently, and I remember it being roughly as terrible as The Room. Same levels of ego, writing prowess, and direction genius.

Two children discover a magic mcguffin under a tree, and after some terrible child acting, we move on. We see the man has grown up, and has a suicidal wife, and meets the girl, now grown, and there’s a teenage girl next door that wants to sleep with the main male lead. The male lead then gets hit by a car, and survives it somehow and also he’s a failing author with far too many laptops? It’s around here that he starts going crazy, and we start getting visions of his naked form in a dark, fabric lined room. The teenage girl breaks into his home to take a shower in his bathroom, something something something the wife commits suicide, and the man immediately starts sleeping with the female lead, and they go and put the mcguffin back under the tree?

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