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Looking for a movie, it’s a comedy cop movie

main cop seems to be making a tv show his partners name is Percy. In one of the scenes they go into an apartment and he stays outside scared when he finally does go in he shoots his partner In the chest and tells him you know how lucky you are I just saved your life. Right after he is fighting this guy and as he’s struggling in the fight he blows snot on the criminal’s face to get his hands free.

Guy balanced on a chair on the rail of a balcony

This is all I can remember from this movie. It might have been a buddy cop or just a buddy movie, but I think one guy loses a bet? Or he gets jumped, I’m not sure, but he ends up getting put in a awkward situation where he is balanced on the rail of this balcony by the rear 2 legs of a chair and there is a bed sheet tied to the chair and pulled taut through the balconies doors to keep him in place. His friend comes in and see’s the situation and has to quickly open the door and grab the blanket before he falls. This one is really bugging me, so any help is appreciated

Please help me find this movie

Movie about a man living with a drunken man and rent is due so the guy goes down stairs to a convenient store and robs a woman and take the guy the money and move out of his house. Then he goes to the woman’s house and sit on her couch with his gun. She comes in scared and he apologizes. She makes him sleep in her closet. She breaks glass and make him walk on it. She later let him sleep on the floor because she started to like him. She tells the police about her robber but then decides not to get him locked up. She ends up falling in love with the man that robbed her.

personal assistant in an egg

This is a modern movie and rich people can buy this egg with a personal assistant. It’s an actual person in it (or a person’s mind). I believe it can even operate a toaster. I believe later in the movie, a person (or its mind) can be transferred to such an egg. As a punishment, they increase the speed of time inside that egg to make the person inside the egg bored to death so to speak.

Rollercoaster ride ends in a grinder

Hi there,

the particular scene I remember is the following: A group of people, a white family iirc, is riding inside an underground rollercoaster. While they are sort of afraid, they also sort of enjoy the ride until the ride suddenly stops and ejects the lot into a grinder like machinery. I can still remember something like a punching machine, with several pistons hitting from above on a conveyor belt. Everything in deep red light. The scene cuts here and resumes with the collected bones being forcefully ejected on the other side onto a large pile of bones.



Further background: Iirc the movie was sort of horror but also family friendly, think the Goonies or Witches. there was no actual gore apart from some blood on the bones. No one is actually seen dying, but it might have been censored by the broadcaster. From the image quality, I’d guess an 80s or early 90s production. I think there was a mansion on the country side involved, I seem to remember a large house surrounded by a desolated landscape, but my memory is most like affected by how many times I tried to remember the actual plot.


Thanks to anyone solving this riddle that haunts me for over a decade now.

“Ghost Chip” underground safe

I saw this when I was a kid, watched it sometime between 2000 and 2007 I’d guess.

I think there was this thing called a “Ghost Chip”. It was some computer chip / AI device. It was stored underneath this person’s house in a hallway. And when they went to take it, the walls and floor collapsed into a series of traps. Flamethrowers were flaming, there was some sort of chemical liquid underneath the floor that would kill you if you stepped into it.

Anime movie created around 2000’s

  • I saw this movie about 10-15 years ago on TV

  • It is in color
  • I’m pretty sure it was in English
  • The beginning of the movie starts with a little girl driving with either her dad or both her mom and dad in their car.
  • One scene included some kind of creature in a mud bath. I believe the little girl was helping clean?
  • One of the key scenes/plots of the movie was where another boy was trapped at this same place,  but could not remember his name. The little girl helped him remember his name.

90’s movie

Hi everyone. I’ve been trying to think of this movie title for years and it’s driving me crazy. I only remember bits and pieces of it but I’d love to see it again. From what I remember it’s about 2-3 girls possibly sisters that live next to a family owned scrap yard where 3 brothers live. They manage to bribe the youngest brother with popcicles but I can’t remember what for but the older brothers find out and shave his head. Another thing I remember is one of the older brothers riding a bike off a cliff I believe into a lake. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Pretty recent terrible movie that I want to show people

I saw this recently, and I remember it being roughly as terrible as The Room. Same levels of ego, writing prowess, and direction genius.

Two children discover a magic mcguffin under a tree, and after some terrible child acting, we move on. We see the man has grown up, and has a suicidal wife, and meets the girl, now grown, and there’s a teenage girl next door that wants to sleep with the main male lead. The male lead then gets hit by a car, and survives it somehow and also he’s a failing author with far too many laptops? It’s around here that he starts going crazy, and we start getting visions of his naked form in a dark, fabric lined room. The teenage girl breaks into his home to take a shower in his bathroom, something something something the wife commits suicide, and the man immediately starts sleeping with the female lead, and they go and put the mcguffin back under the tree?

maybe a tv only movie it had to be in the 90’s

i recall the movie having to very young sisters or girls and they played in a river and they came across a pale horned boy who may have or have not been satan i believe one of the kids drowns from either hitting her head or just committing suicide but heck it may have all be one insane dream I’m 24 now and i had to have been 7 or 8 when i dreamt or saw it lol but if anyone has a clue i would love to know the 2 sisters were wearing i guess like white dresses or nightgown type of clothing the boy seemed hurt in a cabin that was flooded

old movie/show

Late 70 early 80’s, I think on PBS, maybe not.  Anyway movie or show about young couple, maybe dropped out of high school or just graduated.  Scene I remember as follows.

Girl and guy in bedroom of apartment.  She takes off her clothes and stands spread Eagle in front of him.   He responds ” your body,  it’s beautiful”  they then proceed into bed I guess

Second scene same apartment she’s on the balcony in some sort of nightgown, struggling over some issue, maybe she’s pregnant etc.

This was some sort of moral lesson/coming of age program, but I think that there was nudity and certainly controversial subject matter for the time.

That’s all I can remember