Presumably, 80’s – 90’s movies

Hey everyone. There is a movie I saw as a child on TV. I really want to find it, but don’t remember much. The plot takes place somewhere in the western states of the USA (I think so because I remember the desert), and it’s probably the 80’s (plus-minus 10 years).
The opening scene shows us the main character who is doing one hand push-ups at the roadside. He is traveling by car alone. Then he stops at the gas station and buys the fuel for 5 bucks. He has a chat with the gas station worker, who admires his car saying something like – “this is classic”.

I also remember the hero hiding from someone on the roof of the truck.
The end scene was the fight in the freight train carriage. The hero had a bag full of money. But after throwing the bad guy (or girl) from the train he throws the money away too (except one a wad of money that he stashes in the pocket).
The last thing I’m NOT sure about: the story involved local corrupted Sherif and his daughter.
I’ll appreciate your help in finding the move. Thanks!

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