Pregnant Women Going Into Labor In A Woodland Cabin

I saw this only once at a cinema when my family and I were visiting a youth group where we heard they were meeting up – only to find them watching something that was rather inappropriate to see at the time, as I was quite young. This was roughly around 2010 (or 2011), and in a foreign country, although the film (or possibly a TV episode) in question was in English.

Basically it involved a few kids walking in a woodland of sort whilst chatting to themselves, when a woman running from unknown enemies (or something else but I can’t remember) appears, whilst also starting into labor. The children find her and one of them gets help from two men at a nearby cabin, where these kids are implied to live in too. The woman, wearing a long bloodied creamy shirt (or skirt?), with no trousers or pants seemingly on, is then carried by these two or more men – and maybe one of the kids – before being placed on a table inside as she goes through contractions. The men do their best to encourage her, with one of them saying something along the lines of “We’re gonna get your baby out”. And the kids either just watch or help out, but I can’t remember much more as I was taken out of the screening.

Only other smaller details I can recall was that it had a muddy color grain look to the cinematography, and the setting kind of appeared to be a swampy, bare environment. And I think guns were involved at one point, but that’s all I can think of.

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  1. Adding onto my post here with a couple other details: The women’s clothing may have actually been a nightie of sorts or a light dress. And the blood was mainly surrounding the hem and near her stomach, due to her time of labor. Or maybe caused by something else, idk…

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