Pregnant couple

So basically there’s a couple and they’re going to have a baby soon but they also need a house. They go house shopping and find this beautiful place and the wife is talking to the realtor about wanting a sunroom. The only thing is that they can’t afford a house with the sunroom because they have to save up for the baby but the wife is spoiled and kinda annoying. At one point they have dinner with her sister and the sister has these three kids and they’re really annoying and crazy and they all have red hair even though neither of the parents do. Then the sister makes a comment on how her kids are gonna be best friends with the sisters kids and she’s like omg yes and the husband is just sitting there like uh because him and the sister don’t get along that well. I’m pretty sure as far as the house goes the wife comes around and realizes they really don’t need a sunroom because the husband was gonna buy it or maybe he did but the house didn’t feel like home.  Please help I’m going insane

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