Posthumous narration

Ok ive spent the last 5 years trying to find this movie and im at my wits end.

I remeber watching it as a kid in the early 2000’s so im assuming it came out in the 90’s or at the very least before 2007. The story was basically this- a teenage girl(blonde if remeber) tells the story of how she died, and throughout the movie it would hard-cut to the girl talking to the viewer either explaining or making some morbid witty remarke before cutting back to the movie. Its essentially a “who-dunnit?” Movie as the entire time the movie makes you suspect a handful of people before it cuts to the girl explaining how they weren’t. At the end its revealed that she was killed on accident by two boys as soon as she walked into the Building(i believe it was dorm because they attended private school, uniforms and all) they “liked” her and were her “friends” but it was obvious they just wanted sex. Im almost positive it was a head wound. Either something fell on her, or she fell and hit her head. But i remeber it was the boys fault and they did try to hide the body. I remeber the death scene was in slo-mo and the boys were shocked, i think she was on drugs.  The movie takes place largely in winter. And throughout the movie the people looking for answers learn that this good girl wasnt as good as she lead people to believe(drugs, drinking, sex).

Im about ready to just give up. Lol plz help

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  1. Thanks but thags definitely not it. I could never forget that movie. It isnt american beauty either. Stumped since 2k14.

  2. Sorry about that(me^). Couldnt figure out how to log back in. But yeah its not lovely bone or american beauty. Its possible it couldve been a made for tv movie or even a theatrical cut of lmt. Run show. Ik for a fact i watched it on dvd.

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