Possibly christmas movie Doll comes to life

Its a movie about a girl who wishes her doll would come to life and either by christmas or regular magic she does. The doll is blonde I’m pretty sure and I don’t think you ever see the girls face. Somehow the doll gets separated from the girl and I think the movie is about her journey home and she meets other toys, one of which I think was a soldier?

I remember the final scene really clearly. The doll is standing still in the girls room then the cat scares her and she runs to the little girl and calls her mom and the girl comforts the doll then realizes shes alive and is really happy then the movie ends

It was animated and I think it was pretty old, I don’t remember if it was on vhs or dvd but it most likely wasn’t made after 2000. I havent really thought about it being a tv special because we rented it from a movie rental place. Its not The Wish That Changed Christmas or The Christmas Toy. It was definitely traditionally animated and in color. I think I remember snow and a ditch? She might have been in a dump at one point. It might have been British? I

This has been haunting me for awhile please help.

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