Police detective hunts for a predator who’s kidnapped his girlfriend


U.S., English lang, not sure of year or actors names, I watched it a couple of years ago online, didn’t pay attention to names or dates.


A police detective is hunting for a child predator/killer. As he’s closing in on some leads, he discovers a shipping container with a lot of dead bodies, surprises the killer and shoots him dead.

The guy he shoots turns out to be the ‘mentor’ of another up and coming predator who kidnaps the detective’s girlfriend by way of retaliation and holds her in the basement of an abandoned house.

The predator always wears a ‘monster mask’, and ends up fooling the detective when he discovers the house by putting the detective’s partner in the mask, duct taping his mouth and super-gluing a gun to his hand, so the detective thinks he is the predator and ends up killing his own partner.

In the end, the girl is saved but the predator gets away (like it’s setup for a sequel)…I’d like to know the name of the movie so I can see if a sequel ever made it to the screen, it was pretty interesting, several twists.

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