movie with multiple stories and characters, there is an earthquake in it

i guess it would be called a “hyperlink film”, there are lots of characters and none of them get a lot of screen time, lots of (loosely) interconnected stories i think they all happen around the same time and in the same town, here are the bits that i recall :

  • a woman whose job is to be a clown goes to a birthday party, she drives a very fancy clown vehicle and a man makes fun of her but is hitting on her at the same time
  • some guys are camping (maybe) and one of them is peeing in a river and he sees the corpse of a drowned woman float by, then they argue about calling the cops
  • this one also happens outside, there are two guys, one of them brings two girls with him and leaves with one of them and the other one tries to make a move but the girl rejects him and he tries to force her, then i think there is a small earthquake and the girl dies crushed by a rock
  • a woman drives and  hits a boy, then she leaves thinking the boy is ok (she was not going very fast) but we see later that the boy is hospitalized because of head trauma or sth
  • the doctor who takes care of the boy has a sick wife maybe cancer

there are probably some details i didn’t recall clearly in this but it’s hard with the movie being so diverse, i think the poster was like a mosaic of pictures of all the different characters and the title was just one word (hoping i remember that correctly)

thanks for your help!

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