Please help, tell me I’m not crazy for knowing this scene

Okey, so the movie over all is about a vampire and a reporter.

The reporter for some reason was doing research about vampires and she meets this old dude and he tells her a story or something and helps her find the vampire. The old dude, a grandpa, tells her that vampires are just stories and makes her want to prove him wrong… I guess, it’s important at the end…

She finds the vampire dude, stuff happens and at the end he turns her into a vampire and they’re in love. At the end of the movie, the ex reporter now vampire woman goes to the old dude, sneaks into his house via a window, and leaves a diary, I think, for him to read and as proof that she found the vampire dude. After she leaves that diary or whatever, she goes out where the vampire was waiting for her and they walk out into the night.

The movie ends in her narrative, I think….

The movie is in english, the (ex) reporter is a redhead with long and straight hair, I think it’s a redhead… The old man has glasses…. a beginning of balding, but grey with white and black, really short hair.

And the vampire dude may have shoulder length, definitely black hair… also he’s quite tall.

And maybe the movie happens in Britain, London…. maybe, not sure….

4 thoughts on “Please help, tell me I’m not crazy for knowing this scene

    1. Well, this a tv series, the one I described is a movie.
      But this “Moonlight” seems interesting, I’ll go watch the first episode, thank you

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