Please help old King fu / marital arts / ninja movie

I’m looking for an old Kung fu / martial arts / ninja movie
I once watched as a kid all I can remember is a ninja / assassin that had spinning blades on the back of her ninja shoes and a knife at the front both are concealed until she stamps / steps a certain way / also the main bad guy has these handcuff like weapon on chains that he throws around oppositions neck to decapitate the victims ( it’s defo not any of the one armed boxer movies please help ) thanks mrboyzie

7 thoughts on “Please help old King fu / marital arts / ninja movie

  1. Thanks it’s not dynasty however I did watch it and enjoyed it very much thanks for your help so far the search continues

  2. Yeah, I saw Dynasty as a kid and I didn’t think it had any female ninjas, but it had the ‘handcuff on the end of chain’ weapon you mentioned. I don’t know if it is the same director’s “Revenge of the Shogun Women”(1977) because I’ve never seen it and can’t find anything online except the poster, but that’s my final guess.

    1. I have found the movie and also realised it must be a very special movie as I only watched it once as a kid 7 or 8 years old and that means that after watching the movie only once it stuck with me for 21 – 22 years it goes by 3 names 1:- bandits prositutes and silver 2:- battle of shaolin 3 :- Bo Ming also if any one is interested there is 2 live showings of this movie on YouTube on the 02/05/2016 one @ 6.00 and again @ 8.00 pm thanks again to all for your help

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