Please help me track down my childhood nightmare! :)

Sooo about 20 years ago I remember seeing a show or movie on tv, in black and white, where this lady is running from this man. He has black circles around his eyes. She tries to eacape him but he is everywhere. I remember she went to the police or something and one of those giant leather wing backed chair spun around and the man was in it! I think in the end she was asleep at the wheel and drove into the ocean? Or maybe she did it willingly??
Please help! I remember I was supposed to be sleeping but got out of bed, abd my mum has bo recollection of it. This man with circles around his eyes has been my boogie man!

3 thoughts on “Please help me track down my childhood nightmare! :)

  1. There is a scene near the end of the movie where a black leather chair swings around, but the weird guy isn’t in it. It’s a doctor trying to help her.

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