Please help me remember this film!


I watched a film when I was very young, so i can only remember parts of it. I would appreciate any help you can give because the mystery is driving me mad!

I watched the film sometime between 1996-2000 but I feel like it was filmed earlier, possibly in the 80s. It has a very similar feel to the Anne of Green Gables film that I believe was filmed in the 80s. It was in English and a colour film. I believe it was set in an 1800s period in America (I think). A young woman becomes the new teacher in a small village school (again, similar to the school setting of Anne of Green Gables). One of her male students falls in love with her and the teacher has feelings for him too but doesnt want to admit it.

I remember a particular part where the teacher kisses the boy, and the next day he turns up to school in a smart suit because he is trying to show the teacher he is mature. But the teacher is ashamed of kissing him and so she treats him very coldly and humiliates him in front of the class. I think they end up together at the end of the film but I honestly cant remember.

Please let me know if this sounds familiar to you!

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  1. It was on Netflix and is a series about a bad virus and people dying and all he lights go out. People go everywhere looking for food. It starts out with thee bad people coming and killing the father and taking the Son and his sister following on foot to find him. Theres two guys that used to be friends but I fighting against one another in this movie. Something about revelolution rings a bell . Dont know if its in the name of he movie or what. Its A really good movie, people steal from each other to try and survive. But it ends up there in this big place where something made the lights go out in the first place. I think the two guys were friends back in Boston when they were younger, but in the movie their enemies. Maybe I dreamed his whole thing cause Ive searched before for it. Please try to help me find it.

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