Please help me find these movies!!

I saw this move in the late 90s. I do not know the actors. I was under seven at that time. They were in english, the first may have been recorded from TV.  The first one was in color, but the second was black and white and may have been on VHS.

There are two different movies:

There is a grandma, she suddenly dies of a heart attack with the older teenage granddaughter in the car/truck with her. There is a funeral, they say ashes to ashes and dust to dust, and a collie and little white terrier like dog gets taken away in a black car with the grandson and granddaughter screaming and the parents? adults? trying to hang on to them.  The grandson and granddaughter somehow end up with the dogs again and they are at the grocery store, apparently running away, and there is a scene where a cop is chasing them because the granddaughter is too young to be driving, and they end up leaving the truck on a hill with the doors open and running away from the truck and escaping on foot, forgetting to put on the parking brake. The truck rolls back down the hill toward the cop car, smashing his front end and apparently disabling his cb radio.

They end up running into the woods, there was something about a snake biting the boy and the little white terrier dog falls over a cliff.  These two men find the kids and take them to their cabin, the boy is on crutches, apparently they helped with the snakebite.

The end scene shows them all out walking somewhere and suddenly the little white dog appears coming toward them and they are all so happy to see it is alive. [SOLVED! (“Lassie: A New Beginning” )]  

For the second movie:


It starts with someone coming out of a house at night moments before it bursts into flames.

A group of kids and a big white dog try to solve the case, for whatever reason, someone finds a skeleton in a closet, someone falls through the floor, I feel like maybe it was a doctors office or home.


Help! I have tried for years to find these.


Thank you!



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