PLEASE HELP ME Early 2000’s ??? childrens movie??

I remember watching a movie when i was younger (Early 2000’s or so) and I have spent  the last 10 years trying to find it!
All i remember is it’s a girl or a princess maybe, who has some sort of special necklace, some bad guys/people in the woods wanted it from her, tried to take it, might have kidnapped her i’m not sure, and then towards the end she bursts in through a big door with some people, and i think stops some sort of important ceremony kind of thing with a girl that looks identical to her, posing as her, to marry a boy or sign something I’m not quite sure but it was important. The girl then goes over and rips off the mask and reveals she’s the real person/princess, and snatches back her stolen necklace.

Something like that. And it seemed old-ish themed, like swords and gems and such. Was NOT animation as far as I remember and I think at the beginning or end it had gold pages, maybe as opening/ending credits or maybe it was like  a story out of a book type thing.
This has been driving me insane for so many years someone pLEASE help me find this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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