Please help me

I watched this film from disney, I was very young at that time it was like 2004-2007 something like that, I think its a chinese movie because there were alot of chinese writings.The story was there is a boy(student) he went fishing one day and he caught a small alien thingy(It was brown and looks like a potato and poop with legs and arms) The boy eventually became friends with the alien and the alien even helped him in school the only scenes that I can remember is when the boy was having an exam and he doesn’t know the answers so the alien helped him and the alien magically move all the letters/answers(including the name of the girl)from his classmate’s test paper(the classmate was a girl) and moved it to his test paper, the teacher later realized that his name was different, the next scene is the swimming match I don’t think he knew how to swim so the alien helped him again and the alien placed a propeller thingy on his stomach and the boy went super speed on the water and after that the propeller disappeared and the proppeler left 4 circles on stomach because the propellers was being held by 4 suction cups so he quickly ran away to hide the 4 circles.That really is all that I can remember and I hope someone can help me because I spent so many hours finding this movie and this is my first time using this website

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