Plane Crash in Forest

Seen on TV 1970s, probably American. A plane crashes in a remote forest and the survivors try to work out what to do. It finally dawns on them near the end of the movie that they actually all died in the plane crash and are probably in their version of Hell. The protagonist does not accept this fact until the very last scene when he hears his overweight and long dead wife running through the forest  towards the plane calling out his name. “Oh no!” he says as he realizes the enormity of the situation – he gets to spend an eternity here with his long dead wife!

5 thoughts on “Plane Crash in Forest


    Thank you Livinghead, I’ve had a skim through the movie, and apart from me getting it wrong about the plane crash (they actually landed safely on a remote resort island) this is the movie I was looking for with the ending I remembered. Thanks heaps!

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