Plane crash, a family survive and shelter in an old house, scarry creatures attack the house


I was watching TV with my parents before going on a holiday with them and this movie was playing. The thing is that when I tell them that this movie was like a trauma to me an tell them what I remember they tell me that they never watched a movie like that, and even if they did remember this movie, they wouldn’t let me watch it (I was maybe 9 years old, and I am from 2000).

So I don’t recall when this was exactly or any actors but I remember a bit of the plot.

Basically, a family was on a place (maybe going on holidays?? i dont really know) and the plane happens to crash. The family (and maybe the pilot, I don’t remember exactly) survives and finds shelter in an old wrecked house. They try to use phones or radios to call maybe the cops or doctors but they can’t, nothing is working in the house. (Also, I remember a really dark and scary mood in the movie, like mist and everything). And all I remember after that is that weird and scary creatures arrive and attack their house (i was so scared).

Thats all i can recall.

I hope someone can help me find this movie so that I can prove to my parents and myself that I didn’t made that up in my 9 year-old brain (that’s the main reason I want to find it, because everyone thinks I am crazy and inventing it but like… how would a 9 year-old make that up like I literally had nightmares and everything when I never watched any other horror movies before?)

Thank you for reading this and maybe helping me ahah 🙂

4 thoughts on “Plane crash, a family survive and shelter in an old house, scarry creatures attack the house

    1. I tried to look up those two movies but it doesn’t seem to match… If you have any other idea, please tell me.
      Thank you so much 🙂

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