People keep showing un at this guy’s house asking him where is the drugs he seems to have stolen…

… from them. But at the end of the day, this guy kills them all and clean up the mess before his girlfrien/wife comes back home.

I don’t remember much so I will give you every detail that I can remember of. I don’t know whether it was a movie or a an episode. I saw it during the summer 2010 on one of the CANAL+ channels. I remember it because I saw an amazing documentary on Marylin Monroe around the same time. It was on color, the original version was in English. I could definitly tell that it was an American production. I don’t remember much because I was zapping and came across it around the end.

The main character was a white male living in a nice area (houses where all the same, like in certain Californian neighbourhood). The colors where bright with a lot of contrast, like CSI Miami kind of color.

A guy came to know at his door. He asked about the drugs. He wouldn’t give him any information. I think he kills him. After a while someone else came. A white girl with straight long dark hair (top-model body like Gisele Harabo). She came in yellow lamborghini I think. She had blue high heels and a pink or orange dress. I think the dress was in plastic, Lady Gaga style. She also came to ask about the drugs. She tied him up to a chair. A song came up at the radio, something about a boy and a girl falling in love. I remember it because she started to sing it and the proceeded to have sex with him while she was talking about his girlfriend as a torture to make him talk. He did his best not to enjoy it. Somehow he kills her too. Then, he decidsd to throw away the drugs, probalby cocaine, down the bath tub and the toilets. Later another man came up. A black guy with dreadlocks, if i remember well. He also asked about the drugs. He told him he flushed it all. The man wouldn’t believe him so he checked. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Apparatly this guy stole an important amount of drugs from his previous fellows criminal. Anyway, what I remember as the end, it’s him, chopping and throwing all the dead bodies in some black bin bags and cleaning spotless the house before the girlfriend or wife comes back home.

I really thought that the title of the movie was something like “Another day to kill” but when I tried to google it, only James Bond’s movie came up. I hope I gave enough details. I apologize about the possible orthographs mistakes, English is not my mother toungue. Please help me find this movie, I have been looking for a long time. Thank you very much.

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