Has anybody seen this movie? If so, is there a scene that parodies/spoofs the famous General George Patton speech from the 1970 movie, Patton?

According to IMDb connections, which is hardly clear or accurate, they say it has a character who spoofs Patton but they fail to mention if that character parodies the famous Patton speech or not.

If so, please let me know at what time interval it happens ASAP. I can’t seem to access the movie myself because it remains unavailable in my country for watching on YouTube.

Link below:

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  1. 33:20-35:02

    Someone named George C. Patton, the president of Home Security Systems Inc., makes a presentation in front of an American flag at a crisis center about the war against burglars. The soundtrack music sounds like it was written for a war movie and I’m pretty sure it’s “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” He wears sunglasses, says to his audience “at ease.” and uses the word “bastards” several times. He offers to sell explosive welcome mats and window shades that would provide “instant justice” and help win the war against home burglars. He kills himself demonstrating the welcome mat.

    So yes, I would say it’s a parody of the speech in Patton.

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