Opening Scene is a girl smoking a cig and putting on lipstick

This is another long shot because All i remember is The opening scene while the credits are showing there is a woman shown from her chin to her nose (black or dark room, maybe there a mirror) Putting on lipstick and smoking a cig While music plays. This is almost like the opening of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Next Gen but more seductive and sexy. I dont remember much about the movie other than i saw it a couple times and would watch it whenever it happened to be on. I want to say its heavy on sexual content and like devious action if that makes sense?? I would say i saw it anywhere from 89-92. English/Color/Movie….The lady may have been a killer or getting revenge…. But if anybody know movies where the opening scene is what i described (aside from TCM:NG) Please let me know!!

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