Older movie with Glowing Yellow Eyes

Okay, I stink at internet searches, so I’m glad I found this site.

I’m looking for a film I saw on t.v. sometime in the late 90s or early 2000s. However, it was definitely an older film, something being run on some network doing a marathon of old horror films. I’m thinking it may have originally been from the 70s, but could be 60s, or early 80s. It might be a made for tv movie or miniseries, but was definitely not an ongoing series.

All I can really remember is that there are several scenes where the villains are revealed by their glowing yellow eyes. I’m inclined to think they are supposed to be cult members, or maybe witches. They might be possessed by spirits from the past, or just reincarnated versions of an older evil. It’s also possible they serve the Devil, or a more generic demonic entity. I think some of the climactic scenes, where the protagonist is met by yellow eyes from multiple people, may happen in a church, but the image is fuzzy in my brain. I seem to recall it being one of those films, where all the bad guys are people the protagonist has encountered and trusted through most of the film.

The film is definitely in color. The setting is all modern, or at least modern in relation to its time of release. There might be some flashbacks, but I think any historical stuff is handled via exposition and maybe some books or paintings. And, to be clear, the eyes are definitely yellow. The glow is like a yellow dot or ember replacing the normal eyes, not just an iris change. Definitely not red, or white, or any other color.

Films I know it’s not, because I’ve already re-watched.  Not Something Evil, nor Village of the Damned. The glowing eye people are adults, you see there whole bodies, and there is more than one (pretty sure on the more than one). It’s also not Crowhaven Farm, nor The Dark Secret of Harvest Home, but I feel it might be contemporary to those two. I think I saw this around the same time I saw those, which is part of why the details are so fuzzy.

I think there may have been some glowing yellow eyes on a portrait of some older evil person, before the modern glowing eyed people are revealed.

Sorry for a lot of words for so little, but thanks to anyone who might be able to help.

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