Older Movie about a man and a wife in a cabin

Hello Everyone, I have been trying to find the title of a movie I saw back in around 1985-86.  I can’t remember if it was black and white or not but I saw it at a halloween party we had at the church we belonged to. I hate to be vague here but all I remember was that it was about a man and his wife in a cabin during winter and shortly in the movie she dies of an illness. He is unable to bury her and so he lays her body out on a table and frequently interacts with the corpse (nothing sexual obviously). The movie always gave off the vibe that she may come back from the dead but it isn’t directly stated. I seem to remember a scene where an animal (possibly a mountain lion) gets into the cabin and attacks the body but the man is able to fend it off.

How I remember it ending is that suddenly the lights go out and you hear the man fighting something off and it is implied the wife came back and was attacking him (or at least that is how I ,at 5 or 6 ,interpreted it). I don’t recall the movie having much dialog mainly following the form of Cast Away since it was just a man and his dead wife. I am assuming this movie was made either in the early 80’s or possible late 70’s. It should be said that even though this was shown in a church there were no religious aspects to it. I highly doubt anyone will guess this movie but I appreciate any help. Thank you!

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