Older cartoon or kids movie

Here is another one that I just can’t figure out and I have very little detail and it is basically one stupid scene that probably none of the details are probably correct .I’m 45 so it would be older and I’m hoping that by high school I had better things to do that was cartoons ( so I’m assuming before 90’s) …

that the main charter is called (in today’s world bullied) “wolf”  by a couple of  other charters..  Seems like it was a orphaned puppy and the  other charter was a snake or cat  or rat something like that .

Not much to go on I know, but on my google search It made me remember of dark some of the old “kids”  tv programs were my wife has said the following shows but I can’t seem to find the one scene  that is digging a worm hole in my brain

Lady and the tramp


watership down


animal farm

Charlotte web

fox and the hound

Lion King


Thanks for any help you can offer !

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  1. I don’t think so, can find the scene but I will have to watch it again to make sure , and first pass couldn’t find a clip of it

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