Old Nursery Rhyme Chicken Cartoon

Hello, this is an old cartoon (I’m 18, I saw this before the age of 5). It may have been black and white.


I remember the mother chicken was being slow roasted over a flame (perhaps by a wolf?) And a character, I think the one who was cooking her, was singing the one, two, buckle my shoe rhyme. The chicken son was watching. I recall seeing the mom as a cooked, headless chicken, but it may have been a decoy because I think she ended up surviving. Any help?

2 thoughts on “Old Nursery Rhyme Chicken Cartoon

  1. I looked around YouTube but couldn’t find the exact cartoon…this sounds very familiar to me. I am wondering if it might be one of Ub Iwerk’s cartoons after he left Disney and struck out on his own. I’ll keep looking.

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