Old mining town/ prev used for nuclear testing?

This should be horror but it would only let me chose mystery…. I watched this about 13 or 14 years ago on TV.  I suspect when shadow lane had just come out  (If you live in BC I’m sure you’ll remember  the movie stations that were free when they came out).


A family ( mom dad and two kids I believe) takes a wrong turn and ends up in this old abandoned mining town ( it’s not exactly a wrong turn as I believe the gas station attendant was in on it.  Someone changes a sign and that’s how they take the wrong turn). the father I believe was happy to explore the town only it’s not so abandoned.   Turned out people who lived in said town didn’t want to leave fled to the tunes (mine shafts) when nuke testing started (it’s years later now though or they would have you believe.)  Anyways one of the kids falls into this shaft and finds a pile of clothing (we now know this wasn’t just an accident).     I remember a field of old cars shown from above at one point (all prev victim vehicles I assumed at the time).  I also remember a giant white almost glass like crater that I always assumed was made by the nuke that was supposedly tested.

8 thoughts on “Old mining town/ prev used for nuclear testing?

  1. Omg thank you do much. This has been botherin me for years. Just watched the trailer and your totally right. Can’t wait to go home and watch it again. Thank you! Ps. This is a lot newer than I thought damn lol

    1. The original asker has to return and say they are satisfied with the answer. You may be right about that one but the asker will need to confirm it.

  2. I used my email to post my last comment didn’t realize I wasn’t signed in. That was me and he is correct. Apologies for the mix up. And again many thanks!

    1. No, you’re fine, simmi. Lawrence is talking about a different movie (the words “this one” link to the movie he’s talking about).

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