Old horror movie with glowing red eyes

Movie I watched in the late 1970s or possibly early 1980s.  It was a colour film in english, maybe from the ’60s or ’70s and not a recent release as Australian TV was way behind the ball back then.

I only recall two scenes from the movie. The first being a couple walking together in a garden but they don’t notice that a pair of red/orange glowing eyes are watching them from the bushes.  The second was a woman running out of a house (I think) and then runs panicked through the bushes, then she sees a dark figure standing  in front of her with those same glowing eyes.

I have it feeling that it was a gothic vampire movie, but it might have also been a satanic type. Watched a lot of horror movies and creature features and can’t remember the name of this one.  Please help, I’ve been looking for years and it’s driving me crazy!

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    1. Not the movie, but thanks for your reply.
      I might be wrong, but I’m sure it’s set in the past.
      The glowing “eyes” I remember are like the films Something Evil / Amityville.

  1. I have been trying to find this out for several years, too! Everyone in my family laughed when I asked if anyone remembered the movie. I am sure that we are speaking of the same movie. I also remember a couple walking with the 2 red dot eyes behind them. I was a child in the US and I think it was early 70’s. I can only remember the movie “Gargoyles” around that time but I don’t think that is it.
    Please let me know if you ever find out!!!

  2. Still haven’t found this movie, but if I ever do will post the name on this site. It’s driving me nuts…been trying to found out what it was for 30 years!!! Groan…..

  3. Not black and white, the OP said it was color. I’m very interested in finding this movie now, apparently my last guess was wrong? I don’t know but the OP hasn’t responded yet.

    1. Hi Livinghead & Everyone. Thanks for still looking but it’s not any of these movies. I know all the movies mentioned above pretty well and it isn’t any of them.
      The glowing “eyes” I remember are like seen in the films Something Evil / Amityville Horror. I’m sure it’s a period set film and think it was a vampire type because of the glowing eyes (eyes only-nothing else) that could be seen watching, the chance that I think it could also have a satanic feel to it is that these type of horror films creep me out the most! Plus it was on Australian tv…could of come from anywhere… Thanks, Cozmoz.

    2. Omgee I remember that movie scared the you know what out of me. Had a baby crying in it too I believe. Oh I was so young when I saw it and had nightmares for years. So glad you found it

  4. I’m looking for a similar movie where the main character is very famous and white and he falls in love with a black woman who I believe belongs to a cult where the people have glowing eyes and they look albino…. at the end I believe the white guy gets killed in a water fountain with a pitchfork if I’m not mistaken….oh it’s from the 70’s as well.

        1. Or not… OK, that counts as a Solve for Livinghead, but the original movie is still unsolved.

  5. Cozmoz,
    It is an American TV show called Tales of the Unexpected “Devil Pack” from 1977. Scared the crap out of me when I was about 8. It is Season 1, Episode 3.

    1. Omg, did this have dogs with red eyes that attacked a family and go to some guy dressed in black that controlled them and killed the family puppy and after they buried him he turns into the other dogs with the red glowing eyes?!?!?!?

  6. My older brother scared the crap out of me with this movie by making me sit with him to watch it! I’ve always wondered what the movie was called. I’ll never forget those glowing eyes in the bushes!! I had nightmares for weeks! haha

  7. “Fear No Evil” (1969 TV movie)?

    This one has been guessed to death, but I think it might be the one. There’s no way to confirm because it is considered to be a ‘lost’ film. This was actually the 1st made for television horror movie and it involved a possessed mirror? Also there was a promotional picture that showed red eyes in the mirror and the plot included something about a large garden.

  8. “Ritual of Evil” (1970 TV movie)??

    This was a sequel to Fear No Evil, it starred Louis Jourdan reprising his role as the investigator. It has a statuette of the Devil and it’s eyes would glow red. The full movie is on YouTube, it’s posted below.


  9. I am searching for maybe the same movie for 20 years with this red eyes appearing and then sth horrible would happen to the family. I think it was more of satanic thing than vampyre. I think i remember the ending (SPOILER ALERT) where the whole family was standong on the porch taking a picture and in the very end you could see the red eyes in the window behind them. What is this movieeee? I remember a title in Croatian ‘Zlo’ which just means ‘Evil’, but translations of the titles are loose.

  10. The movie I’m thinking of, the eyes are in a window behind the survivors at the front of a farm house at the end of the movie, probably late 60s,early70s.

  11. I am also looking for a movie with the red eyes in it. The scene I recall is someone driving at night, the red eyes appear ahead of the car. The car crashes. It was a 70s movie.

    1. Your movie is probably Something Evil (1972), but you should start your own post. This is not the movie cozmoz was looking for as they’ve already indicated.

  12. I remember that scene well too. Had nightmares for years. It’s Jodie the demon pig from Amityville Horror.

  13. This is the one movie I’ve searched for that I have not been able to name. I remember distinctly that before anything scary happens in the film, you’d see something in a picture, a mirror, or a window that looked like it could be eyes. Lights or some other sort of blemish. I think even one of the characters tried to explain it as such. They invite someone to come help them, some sort of psychic probably, and at the end of the movie, the family is outside the house, waving happily to the psychic as she drives away (I think in a station wagon?) I think the woman of the house is holding her baby or toddler, and the camera pans to over her shoulder, where you can see glowing eyes in the window, so it was a shock-scare to leave the viewer with. I thought the eyes in the window then were yellow or white, but I could be wrong there. I sure hope someone can come up with the title, because it’s driving me crazy.

    1. added note: I was so sure at first it was a lost episode of “Ghost Story” or “Circle of
      Fear”, since that was my favorite program at the time. It could have been an episode of some other anthology sort of show.

  14. I remember this film too. I remember a crying baby in it too in the shed or something, jars on shelves, the eyes in th window, scared the crap out of me at 8 years old. Not sure what I was doing watching it. Still makes me shiver all these years later.

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